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Euro Skin

  • Internet price: £170.00
  • Internet sale price : £119.95

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  • Hair Length:5.5 inches
  • Base Size: 8
  • Density: Light even density throughout this system provides you with superb results with minimal alteration
  • Hair Type: Produced in 100% best quality human hair including grey content
  • Recommended pieces per year 3-4

Clear polyskin foundation embedded with a layer of fine silk for added strength. The front hairline has a 10mm clear soft scallop edge 6mm deep in ultra thin skin. V loop freestyle knotting is featured throughout this system creating the appearance of natural hair growth. This poly skin reinforced base allows for easy reduction to any size and the Freestyle knotting gives you total freedom of styling. The Euro skin base is an invisible thin skin base which should only be worn using normal strength or easy remove tape. Careful removal is required not to damage or tear the thin skin. These bases are not suitable for glues, bonding adhesives, or strong fix tapes. No liability is accepted for damage caused by incorrect taping or removal. Stated wear times on our website may vary depending on the wearers care and the environment they are subjected to. Should you require a stronger thicker skin base we suggest the THR or Cool Skin. The thin skin base of the Euro skin whilst extremely natural, low density and invisible when worn, is not as durable as a hand knotted system. Hair will shed from day one of wearing this type of hairpiece, this is a natural occurrence with this particular thin skin base where the hair is implanted rather than knotted. The Euro skin by design is a low density hairpiece to begin with and will naturally become thinner with wear over the coming weeks! We advise that it should be changed approximately every 9-12 weeks (or earlier) dependent on the wearer and how happy you are wearing the hairpiece as it thins before replacing it. You must also ensure you only use normal strength tape and non aggressive base cleaners on this type of hairpiece. For the reason explained we will not accept returns due to "thinning hair" of this type of hairpiece.


All Men’s Hairpieces-Toupees come unstyled so they can be cut & styled to your desired requirements by your stylist.

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