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THR 100% Human Hair – Toupee

  • Internet price: £250.00

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THR 100% Human Hair – Toupee Colours

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  • Hair Length:4 - 4.5 inches
  • Base Size: 7.25” x 9.5 (Reducible to any size)
  • Hair Type: 100% best quality Human hair, grey content is in Yak hair or synthetic fibre depending on percentage. NOTE: Colours up to and including 40% grey the content is 40% Yak + 30% human hair + 30% synthetic. All colours with 50% grey content and above the grey is in synthetic fibre.
  • Density: The light/ light medium density throughout this system provides you with superb results with minimal alteration.
  • Wave pattern: 25mm Light body wave to aid styling
  • Hair Knotting: Freestyle invisible V-loop hair knotting at the front first three rows followed by single split knots.
  • Recommended pieces per year 3

A thin skin foundation front to back that creates a visually undetectable and natural scalp effect.

It allows easy reduction to any size or shape and moulds to most head shapes.

The front hairline has a low density invisible front edge creating a natural hairline.

This hairpiece is totally FREESTYLE and allows you complete freedom of style along with the ability to customise the foundation to any size.

All Men’s Hairpieces-Toupees come unstyled so they can be cut & styled to your desired requirements by your stylist.

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