Washing & conditioning your synthetic wig

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Synthetic Wig Washing Instructions

We recommend washing your wig after approx. 7 days wear or sooner depending on the environment the wig is  being subjected to.

  1. Fill a basin with tepid water and add one capful of Hair World REFRESH shampoo. Order code: WG/REF.
  1. Turn the wig inside out, wash gently (do not rub the fibres) and leave to soak submerged for 20 minutes.
  1. Remove the wig from the solution and reverse it back to its normal form, carefully rinse with cold water.
  1. Place on a towel and gently blot dry (do not rub the fibres or attempt to brush the wig when wet).
  1. Place on a wig drying frame and leave overnight to dry naturally (do not dry on a polystyrene head). Order code: AC023T 
  1. Once dry, shake the wig to separate the fibres and spray with Hair World REVIVE conditioning spray. Order code: WG/REV


Synthetic Wig Styling Instructions

  • Use the “Hair World Control Shape Spray” Order Code: WG/SHA to help maintain your style, achieve different effects and add shine, the more you use the more hold you will achieve. Finger style synthetic wigs as much as possible DO NOT BLOW DRY OR OVER BRUSH. We recommend the use of a styling brush such as our “Silicone Tipped Styling Brush” Order Code: AC0500. For an extra special finish a final spray of “Hair World UV Shine Spray Order Code” WG/SHI  may be applied after the wig has dried and all styling has been completed, this will provide that final shine. Alternatively you can purchase our complete “Hair World Wig Care Pack” Order Code: AC0031 with all the basic products you need to care for your new wig in the one pack. Contains – 1 x Hair World Refresh Shampoo, 1 x Hair World Revive Conditioning Spray, 1 x Hair World Control Shape Spray, 1 x Drying Stand, 1 x Styling Brush, 1 x Pack of two Medi Caps.

These instructions are intended as a guide only, we accept no liability regarding the information given, you must decide on the method and products that you wish to use. Please telephone should you have any other questions or concerns regarding the cleaning of your wig.

Wigs made of synthetic fibres may well experience fibre friction, the extent of this depends on the length of the wig and the environment in which the wig is subjected to. Fibre friction is not a fault but a natural occurrence in synthetic wig products and will increase with wear.
Natural head movement allows the fibres to rub together or rub against other synthetic fabrics being worn, a static charge is created in the fibres which causes the ends to frizz and in some cases tangle, the longer the hair the more prevalent the problem. Fibre friction is usually confined to the underside of the wig and the ends of the fibre and can start to occur from the first day the wig is worn.

Ensure no synthetic garments are in contact with the wig when being worn. Use “Hair World Revive Conditioning Spray” Order Code: WG/REV regularly in the areas most vulnerable to fibre friction (underneath the back of the wig and in the neckline). Allow natural drying of synthetic wigs and always use “Hair World Revive Conditioning Spray” Order Code: WG/REV prior to brushing out the wig. Should you have any further questions regarding fibre friction, please telephone our studio on (01945) 587584


  • 1) Never use bleaches, tints or dyes on synthetic wigs they will not alter the colour and will cause
    irreparable damage.
  • 2) We do not recommend the use of any other hairsprays other than those listed above as hair sprays can coat and clog the fibres.
  • 3) Do not use a hairdryer or any heated hair appliance on synthetic wigs.
  • 4) Any form of heat above 160 degrees centigrade will irreparably damage your wig. Please remember
    when cooking, oven temperatures and eye level grills are often operating above 160 degrees
  • 5) Although sunlight will not directly damage your wig, colour lift will become apparent depending on the
    amount of exposure it receives. All our products can safely be used on any of our synthetic wigs and will help maintain the original lustre and elasticity of the wig.


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