Head measurements

Head measurements
  • Ultra/Petite: Smaller than petite, for children and women with smaller heads
  • Petite: 21" and smaller
  • Semi/Petite: 21"- 21.5" will fit between Petite & Average head sizes
  • Average heads: 21.5" - 22.5"
  • Average/Large: 22.5"- 23" will fit women with average or large head
  • Large: 23" will fit larger head sizes


All our wigs are adjustable in size using the elastic adjusters in the nape of the wig, as a guide we suggest you measure your head size by going around the head behind the ears from the nape of the neck round to the front hairline. Most wigs are produced in average and petite sizes. Please check that the wig you are ordering is the correct head size for you

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