Tips on choosing the right style & shape wig for your face type.

Oval Shape Face

Face length is noticeably longer than the width. Even proportions make oval faces more versatile and they do not need to rely on a hairstyle to define it. An oval face shape is well balanced, off the face styles are suited allowing the perfect features of your face shape to be visible. Longer oval faces may require a fringe to visually shorten the distance from the forehead to the chin
Styles to Avoid!  Heavy fringes or styles that fall straight forward. Wearing your hair on the face will cause you to lose those perfect oval features behind your hair and may appear to add weight to your face.  Partings can be worn and sharp centre partings will look good, you can break up a long oval face by parting your hair to the side

Rectangular or Oblong Shape Face

Face is same width at forehead, cheeks and jaw but is narrower in proportion to the length. Wispy fringes will appear to shorten the length of the face so will do mid length styles with fullness on the sides. Layers will help to add softness to the straight lines of your face and create more balance.
Styles to Avoid! Long straight styles or height on top as both will lengthen the appearance of your face, so will hair pulled straight back.

Round Shape Face

Cheekbones are wider than forehead and jaw line. Your best styles will be those that appear to elongate the face. This can be created using styles with height at the crown. Styles with face framing layers can slim a full face and create the illusion of cheekbones making your face appear longer and narrower. A slightly off centre part will compensate for the roundness.
Styles to Avoid!  Very short styles or centre partings because it will only emphasise the fullness of your face.

Square Shape Face

Forehead, cheekbone, and jaw line are approximately the same width. Length of face is short in proportion to width. If you have a square shaped face, you’ll want to disguise your strong angular jaw by softening the edges of your face. Textured styles in the form of curls or choppy ends do this brilliantly. You can also get away with short, spiky cuts and long sleek styles with layers that start at the jaw line and continue downward. Any choice of length will work as long as you have short pieces to frame the face. Styles that have height at the crown take away the hard lines of a square shaped faced.
Styles to Avoid! One-length bobs (especially chin-length) and blunt-cut fringes. These will make your face look even more square.

Heart Shape Face

Forehead and cheekbones are wider than jaw creating a prominent v-shaped chin. A pointy chin tends to be the focal point of your face. Objective is to balance the lower portion of the face with the broader forehead hair that falls at or below your jaw line, shoulder length styles that are angled from the jaw down to fill in where the chin is narrowest work well.
Styles to Avoid! Short blunt-cut fringes and harsh choppy layers, height at the crown or styles that make you appear too top heavy as these draw attention and will emphasise the imbalance.

Triangular Shape Face

Jaw line significantly wider than the brow bone and cheekbone. Minimise jaw line and add width to brow and cheek area. Keep length above or below- but not at- jaw line. Fullness is flattering. Shorter hair styles can help balance the prominent jaw line. Lots of layers will help to achieve the fullness at the upper part of your face
Styles to Avoid!   Any styles that leave your hair even with your jaw line, as these will give the appearance of added weight to the face.

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