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There are several Chinese based companies advertising on the internet, many are illegally using our images to sell cheap inferior wigs so BEWARE!


There are a few simple steps you can take to protect yourself before making an online purchase. Firstly, and most importantly, check that there is a valid UK telephone number and postal address on their website and secondly, check there is a manufacturer's range/brand shown by your chosen style.


Wigs4U is a family run company and has been established for over 30 years, our warehousing and offices are based in the UK and we pride ourselves on our service and quality! We have a clearly shown "contact us" section for any enquiries relating to your purchases, click here and we support the Consumer Protection (distance selling) regulations.

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Wigs 4U

Wigs4u have been providing a top quality ladies wig and hairpiece service along with men’s toupee’s hairpieces and full wigs in Cambridgeshire for over 35 years. Our medical wigs, fashion wigs and classic wigs are in stock now at wigs4u in Cambridgeshire. Wigs4u specialises in wigs, hairpieces and toupees for all ages including a range of children’s wigs and head scarves. Specialising in wigs and hairpieces for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radio therapy treatment. Wigs4u understands the needs of the wigs that they sell to be ultra-light weight and comfortable as well as looking very natural, giving every cancer patient the confidence to wear their wig or hairpiece at this very traumatic time. Wigs4u specialises in wigs, hairpieces, ladies wigs, fashion wigs, fun wigs, human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, fashion hairpieces, fancy colour wigs and men's wigs & toupees. Wigs4u fashion wig range has beautiful colours including blonde wigs, black wigs, red wigs, pink wigs, blue wigs, purple wigs, auburn wigs in a variety of curly wigs, straight wigs and long wigs providing the ability to change your image. Any of these wigs can be fitted on the day of your appointment, there is no waiting for delivery, and you go away with your wig. For this reason wigs4u have customers from Cambridge, Kings Lynn, Peterborough, Norwich, Stamford, Spalding, Boston, Ely and further afield. Many of our wigs are monofilament wigs having a natural monofilament top to the wig. This creates a natural scalp effect and simulates normal hair growth. Wigs4u also offers a complete service for fully made to measure wigs, these are mainly human hair wigs. Human hair wigs are produced mostly on an all monofilament base or monofilament tops for a truly invisible look. Wigs4u also sells readymade human hair wigs, ladies human hair wigs, men’s human hair wigs and men’s human hair toupees. Wigs4u have private consulting rooms for the fitting of both men’s toupees, men’s wigs and toupees and also separate facilities for ladies wigs and ladies hairpieces, ladies head wear. Wigs4u has private parking facilities and disabled access at their premises in Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, alternatively you can purchase your wig, hairpiece or toupee from their website 24hrs a day at www.wigs4u.co.uk and your order will be dispatched within 24hrs.

Wigs4u sell wigs for alopecia in an area of wigs Cambridge, wigs kings Lynn, wigs Peterborough, and wigs Norwich. Wigs for cancer patients are available in all colours and lengths available to you in an area of wigs Cambridge, wigs Kings Lynn, wigs Peterborough, wigs Norwich.

Wigs4u stock headwear including scarves, bandanas, turbans, fitted bandana, hats, caps wraparounds all for hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and alopecia, turbans are available in a range of materials such as silk, 100% cotton, terry towelling and poly cotton. They are popular and comfortable to wear, especially in hot weather. Scarves are another option, they are available in a wide variety of colours and materials and are light and easy to wear. They come in a variety of cotton, lightweight polyester silks and various blends. Many are ready tied with comfortable stretch front bands making them simple to wear. Wigs4u supplies headwear for hair loss and cancer patients, their hair loss headwear goes beyond the normal with stylish turbans, headscarves and wigs always available for immediate dispatch. Specially designed headwear for hair loss has a beautiful range of stocked headwear in the following selections, terry towelling turbans, poly cotton turbans, silk turbans, chemo turbans, cotton headscarf, cotton turban, head wrap turbans, cancer chemotherapy turbans, designer turbans and other headwear for hair loss as well as cancer patients. Wigs4u has cancer patients turbans and headscarves in stock that can be worn with fringes, turbans with fringes have become very popular and there is a whole range of designer headscarves, for women suffering with breast cancer. All their head scarves, turbans and wigs can be purchased online but can be collected if you live in Cambridge, Kings Lynn, Peterborough, Norwich, Stamford, Spalding , Boston and Ely, you’re not too far to go and have a look. Remember to buy the best especially if you are looking for wigs in Cambridge, wigs in kings Lynn, wigs in Peterborough, wigs in Norwich, wigs in Spalding, wigs in Boston, Wigs in Ely and wigs in Stamford.